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Where Sound and Sight Collide :: Time Lapse Videos by Ben Gerstein

four-part harmony by ben gerstein

four-part harmony by ben gerstein

For some time now I’ve been privately consumed with the idea that some musicians are ‘visual thinkers’ who approach and experience music in a mostly visual way. Morton Feldman would be one example of course and there are many others. I won’t go in to detail now about said theory but I will share with you some inventions that beautifully bring the arts of sound and visual, in this case video, together. Musician, artist, and full-time creative mind Ben Gerstein has been experimenting with time lapse videos for some time now. Occasionally Ben will send me a link to something and I always thoroughly enjoy everything he does. Here are a few that really moved me. Be sure to check out more over on youtube.

Rhythm Sight Reading / Play-Along (mostly odd meter)

Garwood Whaley's Fundamental Studies for Snare Drum

Garwood Whaley’s Fundamental Studies for Snare Drum

If you own this book or pick-up a copy from Steve Weiss Music (an independent music store) you will find these mp3’s fun and useful. Each mp3, marked with a number and tempo, is meant to be looped on your mp3 player or in itunes. Each piece has several tempos. Pitches were randomly generated within set ranges to produce tracks with no