Tonal Patterns and Melodies for Marimba

Tonal Patterns and Melodies for Marimba by Doug Hirlinger

Tonal Patterns and Melodies for Marimba by Doug Hirlinger

I wrote this piece for marimba in 2010 for a contest. It contains of lots poly-rhythmic and odd meter passages. It’s presentation is not complete but is good enough to share with you here and for you to enjoy. Special thanks to former student Brian Maher for taking the time to play through it, look it over, and make suggestions regarding notation, presentation, etc. I haven’t yet implemented all his suggestions but I will.

Be sure to mind the key signature. The piece does require four mallets. Your suggestions regarding sticking and notation as well as your non-commercial recordings will be much appreciated. Enjoy!

Midi sequences are included below but do not include measure 187 – 226 because marimba rolls are not easily produced with midi.

Play-Along / Ens. Rep: Trombone, Electric Piano, Drumset – Odd Meter

Sideways Tenor Clef

Micro IV is one of a few shorts pieces for trombone, electric piano, and the option to add drums. It was written for the April 2010 Monthly Meeting session with Matt Mitchell and Ben Gerstein here at 

The trombone part is very sparse but challenging none the less. Mp3’s have a 4 quarter note count off.

Music for Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Electric Guitar, & Drums w/ Play-Alongs

Sideways Tenor Clef

I wrote February Counterpoint in February of 2010 for Monthly Meeting here at The piece was a little too ambitious for the limited time we had that day so it did not get recorded. There was however some great music recorded that day worth checking out here with Tim Motzer, Brian Rogers, and Dan Scofield. This piece is some what challenging both because of syncopation, odd-meter moments, the collection of intervals, and repetitive nature of the piece. Below are charts and mp3’s. The open guitar improvisational section of the piece is omitted from the mp3’s thus the two parts. Feel free to use them for practice or to rehears with your ensemble. If you are a school or educational institution please contact me first before using.

Rhythm Sight Reading / Play-Along (mostly odd meter)

Garwood Whaley's Fundamental Studies for Snare Drum

Garwood Whaley’s Fundamental Studies for Snare Drum

If you own this book or pick-up a copy from Steve Weiss Music (an independent music store) you will find these mp3’s fun and useful. Each mp3, marked with a number and tempo, is meant to be looped on your mp3 player or in itunes. Each piece has several tempos. Pitches were randomly generated within set ranges to produce tracks with no

LINK: Two Websites…


So, I’ve been coming across a lot of great resources lately and at this moment they are way deeper then anything I have to share. I’ll hopefully be posting more etudes and sight-reading in the near future.