Secret Recipe #1 (for Drummers)

For a more accurate familiarity with subdivisions practice the following exercises and their derivatives with a metronome set as dotted quarter, dotted half, etc…

Recipe #1

Recipe #1

Use this in the following ways:

1. On a pad or snare drum as written. Aim for extreme accuracy in regards to the metronome and extreme dynamic and rhythmic evenness. Master each pattern separately then 8x’s each, 4x’s, 2x’s, once, 16x’s, in all possible orders.

2. Play a flam on all accents. Here you have Flam Accents.

3. Play double strokes at twice the speed where all unaccented notes are notated. (No Flams).

4. Same rhythm as number 3 but change double strokes to single strokes.

5-8. On the drum set add Bass Drum to all accented notes for versions 1-4.

9-12. On the kit add cymbal and BD to all accents for versions 1-4.

13+ Come up with your own approach to these patterns.


Recipe #2 (Jazz Ride Cymbal Pattern)

Recipe #2 (Jazz Ride Cymbal Pattern)