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Play-Along / Ens. Rep: Trombone, Electric Piano, Drumset – Odd Meter

Sideways Tenor Clef

Micro IV is one of a few shorts pieces for trombone, electric piano, and the option to add drums. It was written for the April 2010 Monthly Meeting session with Matt Mitchell and Ben Gerstein here at 

The trombone part is very sparse but challenging none the less. Mp3’s have a 4 quarter note count off.

RHYTHM BLOG: Odd Meter Reading Practice (Play-Along mp3’s and Charts)

Rhythm Blog

Here are sequenced mp3’s and charts for a short piece I wrote for Bb trumpet, trombone, electric bass, and drums called September Counterpoint (2010). There are frequent meter changes and two tempo changes. It’s a simple twelve-tone piece that was recorded on Monthly Meeting September 2010. Enjoy reading and playing along.