Monthly Meeting

Monthly Meeting

Monthly Meeting began in November 2009 as an online monthly music series featuring a different collective of composers and musicians every month and new compositions written or arranged for the occasion. The compositions were rehearsed and recorded in a single session and posted for listening. This short time to rehears and record presented an informative challenge for all involved.

Musicians and composers were drawn from a large pool of talented acquaintances mostly from Philadelphia, where I lived at the time, and on occassion New York. My hope was that this would be a valued tradition for musicians, composers, and listeners in Philadelphia and elsewhere.
The monthly pace of recording was interupted in the summer of 2010 as my family and I relocated to New York. September 2010 will be the last session for the time being as I figure out where, how, and if the series continues.

If you’ve enjoyed listening to the music posted here it would be great to here from you. If anyone has any ideas or resourses that might enable monthly meeting to continue, please let me know. If you’re a composer with out access to musicians, ability to record, and you are interested in participating via skype, send an email to doughirlinger (at)

Many thanks to everybody that took part!
Check back often for other listening and new features….

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