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Mary’s Exercise Series: No. 1, 2, & 3.

Sideways Tenor ClefThis is the first of a series of exercises that can be played on any keyboard instrument. They will be helpful regardless of your primary instrument.

These exercises were ultimately inspired by the mater classes of master teacher and musician Steve Coleman that can be seen on youtube.  You don’t need to stick strictly to one way of working on these. This is a basic concept that you can run with…

And without further extraneous words…

Play-Along / Ens. Rep. for Bb Instrument, Rhodes, Bass, & Drums (in 5)

No. 5 for Wourinen

No. 5 for Wourinen

Another tune written for Monthly Meeting for the December session of 2009. The original recording featured John Swana on EVI, Brian Howell on bass, Jon Coyle (son step) on rhodes, and myself on drums. Hear it here.