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An Exercise for Drumset: Pass The Bembé Bell

Just an exercise of sorts to share. This exercise involves the african bell pattern known as “the standard pattern” or, via cuba, the bembé bell pattern using a bass drum, hi hat, snare drum with brushes, and a metronome set to 35. Hi hat always plays “2 & 4.”

Play-Along / Ens. Rep. for Bb Instrument, Rhodes, Bass, & Drums (in 5)

No. 5 for Wourinen

No. 5 for Wourinen

Another tune written for Monthly Meeting for the December session of 2009. The original recording featured John Swana on EVI, Brian Howell on bass, Jon Coyle (son step) on rhodes, and myself on drums. Hear it here.

Play-Along / Ens. Rep: Trombone, Electric Piano, Drumset – Odd Meter

Sideways Tenor Clef

Micro IV is one of a few shorts pieces for trombone, electric piano, and the option to add drums. It was written for the April 2010 Monthly Meeting session with Matt Mitchell and Ben Gerstein here at musiccreative.org. 

The trombone part is very sparse but challenging none the less. Mp3’s have a 4 quarter note count off.

september 2010.

SEPT 2010

september ’10

todd horton – trumpet
tom spiker – electric bass
larry toft – trombone
doug hirlinger – drumset

june 2010.

june ’10

chris aschman – trumpet
lucas brown – organ
bart miltenberger – trumpet
brent white – trombone
doug hirlinger – drumset

march 2010.

march ’10

neil podgurski – spinet piano
nimrod speaks – double bass
doug hirlinger – drumset

february 2010.

february ’10

tim motzer – electric guitar
bryan rogers – tenor saxophone
dan scofield – alto saxophone
doug hirlinger – drumset

january 2010.

january ’10

matt davis – electric guitar
dan blacksberg – trombone
doug hirlinger – drumset

december 2009.

december ’09

john swana – evi
jon coyle – rhodes
brian howell – double bass
doug hirlinger – drumset

november 2009.

november ’09

dan peterson – alto sax and bass clarinet
dave sayers– tenor and soprano sax
tim wendel– electric guitar
chris coyle– double bass
doug hirlinger- drumset