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An Exercise for Drumset: Pass The Bembé Bell

Just an exercise of sorts to share. This exercise involves the african bell pattern known as “the standard pattern” or, via cuba, the bembé bell pattern using a bass drum, hi hat, snare drum with brushes, and a metronome set to 35. Hi hat always plays “2 & 4.”

Music for Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Electric Guitar, & Drums w/ Play-Alongs

Sideways Tenor Clef

I wrote February Counterpoint in February of 2010 for Monthly Meeting here at musiccreative.org. The piece was a little too ambitious for the limited time we had that day so it did not get recorded. There was however some great music recorded that day worth checking out here with Tim Motzer, Brian Rogers, and Dan Scofield. This piece is some what challenging both because of syncopation, odd-meter moments, the collection of intervals, and repetitive nature of the piece. Below are charts and mp3’s. The open guitar improvisational section of the piece is omitted from the mp3’s thus the two parts. Feel free to use them for practice or to rehears with your ensemble. If you are a school or educational institution please contact me first before using.

march 2010.

march ’10

neil podgurski – spinet piano
nimrod speaks – double bass
doug hirlinger – drumset

february 2010.

february ’10

tim motzer – electric guitar
bryan rogers – tenor saxophone
dan scofield – alto saxophone
doug hirlinger – drumset

january 2010.

january ’10

matt davis – electric guitar
dan blacksberg – trombone
doug hirlinger – drumset

december 2009.

december ’09

john swana – evi
jon coyle – rhodes
brian howell – double bass
doug hirlinger – drumset

november 2009.

november ’09

dan peterson – alto sax and bass clarinet
dave sayers– tenor and soprano sax
tim wendel– electric guitar
chris coyle– double bass
doug hirlinger- drumset